MixZing. Music Player with Sleep Timer.


What do you think the most important feature of an mp3 player?
Mine is… Sleep Timer.

Why? Because the must-have time of listening music for me is while I’m about to sleep -neck to neck with while driving apparently. So when my precious iPod classic had trouble with its battery I turn my back to my phone. Thanks to Android and it’s heavy number of apps, I got this amazing FREE apps: MixZing Basic.

It suits me perfectly. Has those in-app googling feature (info, bio, lyrics, etc.), equaliser, and on top of all, sleep timer. Yay! Not to mention it’s free. It’s one of the rare free apps with sleep timer feature, so yeah I can’t really asking for more (or can I?).


It also has 6 type of widgets that you can choose but you have to store it in the phone memory to make it work.

So for those of you who have android phone and are looking for the same thing as me, this might be the perfect apps for you. You can download it here.


This is why..

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine has just lost her child right after she gave birth to him. He was premature and his kidney was kind of on the outer of his body. She was devastated, her whole family was, so was I.

There’s so many wrong things going on. It should have been foreseen by the doctor when she had an ultrasound, why didn’t it? I mean she must had it right before she gave birth, the baby was premature after all. So why didn’t anyone knows about it?

One of the family member said that she remembered her having this stomacache before she knew she was pregnant. And her clueless father kept on giving her some medicine for her stomach pain. Some of them think that maybe the cause of this unfortunate event.

One of the thing was.. well.. she was married by accident. So there’s this assumption that maybe she was trying to get herself unpregnant (is that really a word?) before she finally decided to get married. That or that she was simply clueless and misguided since she wasn’t close to her mother and her father was really clueless about this side of womanhood.

Anyhow, that didn’t really matters. What I’m trying to say is..

I hate that women in my country are lacking the information they need about their body. This is exactly why sex education is playing a big role. Sex education is not about learning how to have sex, it’s about learning our own body and how our action can impact ourself and the people we love. Why can’t those so-called religious people understand? If we have more knowledge, we have more option. That’s the basic logic of everything. That is why parents want their child to have higher education, so the child jas more option in finding ways to survive. This is just the same.

If women know about her body -her cycle, what it gets to make her pregnant and how to avoid it, she will know what should she assume or DO when she is late -periodwise. A woman should know about contraception and birth control, both the option and the access to it. A woman should know how to make sure whether she were pregnant and what option she had when it happened.

Women are the ones whose carrying a baby. We are the ones -at least in my culture- who will suffer much more than men when something like an unwanted child happen. We should have taken control of our body. We are expected to be more knowledgeable and responsible and we should accept it. Women need to understand that we do have a voice when it came to our body and our savety, and our voice comes with responsibility. Including when to have sex and with whom.

Yes, some men are simply a jerk and deserved to be thrown to a garbage bin, but we also have to stop playing victims. We are as responsible as the person who touched our body -unless it wasn’t consensual, if it wasn’t then it’s a whole different story.

So there. I voiced my thoughts on it.

The Taboo ‘A’

Nama gue Mela. Di umur gue yg ke dua puluh lima, gue ngelakuin aborsi.

Buat gue, perempuan lahir tanpa dikasih pilihan. Bukan, bukan pilihan untuk lahir atau ga. untuk itu semua sama di mata Tuhan. Semua lahir atas kehendakNya. Maksud gue adalah “kodrat”. Perempuan punya beban “kodrat” yg lebih saklek dari laki-laki.

Contohnya gue. Gue ga pernah ditanya apa gue mau punya anak apa ga suatu hari. Just because I have the props, that doesn’t mean I’m going to use it, buds.. Bukan berarti gue ga mau punya anak, tapi gue pikir gue berhak untuk mutusin akan punya anak apa ga.

Jadi karena itu lo mutusin ngelakuin aborsi, mel?
No! Bukan itu. Walaupun gue ngerasa peradaban kita juga ga adil sama perempuan soal aborsi, tapi bukan karena itu alesannya.

Ga adil?
Hell yeah. Emang lo pernah denger laki-laki dibilang dosa besar karena ninggalin pasangannya yg lagi hamil? Salah, iya. Bangsat, iya. Tapi dosa besar sampai dilaknat Tuhan? Kayanya ga ya. Pernah laki-laki dibilang ngebunuh nyawa orang karena dia bilang ga punya pilihan dan nyuruh pasangannya aborsi? Ga juga kayanya ya. Aborsi itu, dalam pikiran hanpir semua orang, adalah salah si ibu. Tanggung jawab si ibu. Padahal yg bikin hamil kan sperma, telur cuma diem duduk anteng.

Umh.. Mel.. back to the Why’s..
Oh, sorry. Yes. Balik ke kenapa. Simple. Laki gue ga mau nikahin gue. Klise ya? Kayanya lemah banget gitu. Tapi apa lo tau apa efeknya bagi perempuan yg ngelahirin anak tanpa bapak? Tau penderitaan yg harus dia laluin?

Bodoh dan terlambat sih, tapi gue mau anak gue lahir dengan keadaan dicintai dan ditunggu seluruh keluarganya. Bukan disambut dengan senang campur depresi dan a little bit of regrets. Gue mau dia punya bapa yg sayang sama dia. Bukan yg dari awal udah nolak keberadaannya dan malah asik-asikan sama perempuan lain.

Tapi lo tau kan mel kalo yg lo lakuin salah?
Tau. Tapi buat gue, at least gue nentuin pilihan dan gue bertanggung jawab penuh atas pilihan itu. Gue kok yg harus hidup dengan akibat dari keputusan gue. Bukan orang. Orang gampang aja bilang dosa, kan bukan mereka yg akan ngejalanin. Bukan mereka yg akan ngerasa sakit hati karena anaklo diomongin ga enak sama orang. Bukan mereka yg harus ngeliat tatapan sedih nyokaplo karena liat hidup anaknya. Bukan mereka, tapi gue.

Ok. Ada penyataan terakhir?
Gue cerita gini bukan untuk ngebela diri. Salah bener bukan tujuan gue. Gue cuma mau orang buka mata, bahwa kasus aborsi itu bukan item putih. Semua pihak punya jawaban apa yg terbaik menurut dia. Itu aja.

So here it is. Nama gue Mela. Umur gue 25 tahun. Dan di umur gue yg ke duapuluh lima ini, gue ngelakuin aborsi.