Yesterday, when the soon-to-be-husband and I talked about what I picture myself professionally in the future, he said he would prefer I don’t stay at home even after our future-child born. The reason is this: he’s more than willing to provide for me whatever it cost, financially, but he would like to think that taking care of the baby and household errands are our responsible. Not only mine. Being a housewife sort of not making it equal.

I think that’s interesting. And sweet. He wants to take care of me -in sensible way, not in a way that makes me want to scream ‘go away, I’m not a child anymore’.

I am blessed, really. I must have owed God a lot for this.


186 days to go.

So yes, this is the beginning of my 186 days of being single and/or soon-to-be-bride. I know I’m not good at planning -or doing something that has been planned to be exact- but I am planning to count each day and spill the beans of some of that mentioned days.

My soon-to-be-husband said that getting married is usually hard. You’ll find bumps and temptations along the way to the D-day. ¬†You know, ex(s) suddenly find their way back to your life, something doesn’t go as planned and whatnot. But then again, no matter how hard it is the temptation or obstacle we both would faced, that won’t stand a chance to the temptations and obstacles we will find AFTER the wedding day. So that, that makes me come up with this idea to record my journey. So that someday, in the hardest day of my marriage life, I can go back to this state. The state where I love him so much and so happy and so willing to be on the journey of life with him. Or how grateful I am to have this person love me the way he does.

To be honest, marriage scares me. Even the world alone used to make me run for my life. I love my single life. I always thought I never wanted it to end. But then I was wrong. I do want more. And right know, ‘more’ means this.

So there.. I’m counting down. 186 days to go. *taking a deep breath* I’m ready.