Yes. The Cover Does Matter.

Just read my sophisticated (in a very good way) cousin’s blog and just realized that she is a book blogger (is that how you say it?). I know she has this envious passion with reading since I already follow her twitter for some time, but I didn’t know how book freak (once again, in a very good way) she was. That sure explain all the book reviews she’s been posting all along.

Being a book freak she is, she has several books-to-read list -including those followed by book challenge- for a year alone. And swear to god, I want to hide my books-read-this-year list after seeing her number :’)

So, after feeling pity for myself and my book list, I tried to reassess the way I build my reading list so far. Usually I went to my favorite bookstore Periplus every now and then, and made a note of books that got me interested. I got home and I searched the ebook in the internet, both free and paid (yes, I often read books for free, sue me!). I put it on my reading devices (my phone and Nook) and when I felt I need a new reading, I opened my phone -or Nook- and picked a random book. I usually picked it by the author or if I was bored, by the cover. So yes. Guilty as I am, I’m one of those people who still ‘judgje’ a book by it’s cover.

This is how I choose my book:

1. Personal experiences/known author

2. Friends/family/favorite writers suggestion

3. Best sellers or award winning

4. Interesting book cover

See? Yes, the cover is not the first on my list -hopefully not the first either of anyone’s list- but it’s there, haunting at the number four. I dare to bet that it will also be somewhere in a reader’s -avid or not- list. Therefore, saying don’t judge a book by it’s cover is exactly the same as saying don’t judge someone by their looks. Almost impossible. It may not be the number one thought, but it will still be there. No matter how you sugarcoated it.


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