An. Image. A screenshot that is. That’s all I got as a reply. So.. should I read between the lines or those capital letters already answered it all?

Okay, I’ve made a mistake. Two mistakes. One, I slept with another girl. Two, I slept with that girl’s sister. At the same time. So it was kind of two mistakes at once you know. Should I count it as one? Damn, I got a boner just thinking about it.

But I mean, come on. It’s a fucking once in a lifetime experience right? It was for me at least. I didn’t say I didn’t regret it with all my heart that I hurt her but I can’t say I wish it never happened either because it would be a bunch of bullshits. To top it all, we were on a break. The break that she insisted. So it’s classic “we were on a break” thing.

So what now? Should I quit then? Quit bothering her and just move on? Or this is just another game of “catch me if you can”? Was that a “try harder” shout? Or an “I’m sorry, I’ve moved on long ago”? What woman? What??

Rrgh. I really don’t understand women.


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