My Gingerbread E910 vs Ice Cream Sandwich AD683G

I hate Ice Cream Sandwich. No. Not the real ice cream (or sandwich), I hate the Ice Cream Sandwich version of AndroidOS. I’ve just changed my nice Gingerbread phone (1Ghz single core) with a renewed-should be improved-same brand Ice Cream Sandwich phone (1Ghz dual core), and I don’t like it. At all. It’s laggy, it doesn’t give you option of having your menu all scrolled down like in Gingerbread -HTC, HiSense, and several other brand do this for their FroYo/Gingerbread version but all changed in the ICS version- and it’s laggy. Did I just say laggy two times? Oh well, another one: laggy.

I’ve tried Samsung, HTC, HiSense, LG, and Lenovo, and noticed that all devices on ICS run a tad -for some, much- slower than their predecessor Gingerbread phone. Why oh why such company would want to make an improve of some gorgeous operation system and replacing it with the uglier one? Why Google, why?

But then again, I’m not a tech genius. They are the one who know better, don’t they?

Argh! Hate it.