A couple of days ago, when we were talking about wedding budget, we talked about the band. I once said I want an accoustic band, that’s why everytime we went to catering vendor and asked for wedding package prices, we alwas asked whether we can have an accoustic. But after somewhile, I realized that having an accoustic band rather than ‘organ tunggal’ (solo singer + keyboard) is quite expensive. The gap is around 4.5 million so I thought that maybe I shoud just settle with the usual organ tunggal provided by the standard wedding package. It’s not that bad.. but then he said something like this:

“the first time I asked you to marry me and asked you what kind of wedding that you want -the one I’ll try to provide- you said that it had to have top class music. you said it didn’t matter if we’re only having the small wedding, as long as the food is good, and the music is wonderful. if you said you wanted to have accoustic, let’s make it happen.”

Doh. He sounded so romantic. But no, he’s not. At least not the flowers-and-chocolate-kind-of-guy. He’s straight-forward. But he’s also sweet, in his own way. I don’t know what’s going to happen years from now, but at least right now I feel so grateful to have someone like him love me the way he does 🙂

by the way, after spending the last 3 hours googling and youtube-ing wedding bands, I fell in love with this one:

I hope I can have them on my wedding, but even if don’t I would still be happy and grateful. Because even if I don’t have the perfect music for my wedding, I’ll still have the perfect husband 🙂



Two days ago, when we’re googling a picture of (hopefully) the place for our wedding ceremony, I remembered I still have a copied cd of my cousin’s wedding that held on the same place. So I fetched it and opened it in my laptop. Unfortunately, this was one of the events that held BH (before him). That means there’s a good chance to spot me photographed with my ex. So I was careful enough not to pick the one that have me and the ex in it. But then he chose one, randomly, and *bham!* it happenned to have me and the ex right on the center of it.

So there was it. Me and him, staring a laptop showing a photo of me and The Ex. Akward. I thought he’s going to explode, or showing a sudden bad mood or whatnot. But no. He just chose another one and said nothing about it. You know, if this happen with me and the ex, there would definitely be a huge fight tailing. But it didn’t.

I know seeing me with the ex was not an easy thing for him. I fully understand why. But he’s trying to trust me -and himself- that I love him and I’ve choseen him to be the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. Not any other person. He knew he didn’t need to be insecured about it. For that, I’m once again filled with gratitude toward him :’)

Frankly I didn’t chose the wrong person. I still don’t.